Lucknow and around

Lucknow was the second largest stop on our trip. The first day we went sight-seeing, something I hadn’t done since I was in school. It was weird and sweet at the same time. And I haven’t stopped wondering since then, how do you get to know a city otherwise, if you don’t stay for at least a while?

The things I really wished I had seen were the statues Mayawati has erected. They are apparently quite a spectacle. Didn’t have the time for it though. The first day went at the Imambaras and other such places. The second day, we headed off to Ayodhya to see the remains of the Babri Masjid. Nothing remains, actually, except for the Ram idol that is installed on what looks like a mound of earth. There was also this site we visited that has all the material for the temple that is to built – carved pillars, bricks ( from far off places like Canada, Kenya etc.) arches, everything.

Ayodhya is a sleepy, non-descript, dusty old town. It just doesn’t have in it the notoriety that comes to mind when you think of the demolition of the Masjid.  The police are everywhere and it’s like entering a war zone. Except you see really the poorest, most faith-full people standing in long lines in scorching heat to get a glimpse of Ram in his Ayodhya. It didn’t help, of course, that we went as VIPs (through some contacts a relative had) and mercilessly jumped queues. It was all very disturbing and I couldn’t wait to run. It was the creepiest sight-seeing I ever did. Not recommended.

The photographs are from slightly happier times though.


~ by pongam on March 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lucknow and around”

  1. lucknow, lucknow, lucknow. the city of excesses, despondence, renewal and decay – its easier to recall the city’s past than to contemplate its future.

    • That is true you know. There was something about it i couldn’t quite put my finger on. But despondence – that’s a good word to describe what the city feels like.

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