Two friends of mine, Anushka and Iswar have begun an exciting project that combines travel, writing and film. It’s one of those things everyone has thought of doing at one time or the other, but…

Needless to say, their plans first inspired only envy. Then I realised all was not lost.  So, I have run back here in an attempt to still hang on to the things I want to keep doing – wonder, wander and find, albeit in a virtual space. (If anyone is still reading this space, please do visit their blog. It promises some robust vicarious living.)

And I am left pondering the word ‘always’.

‘Always’ has me at hello (yes, it’s a borrowed line).  ‘Always’ won’t take no for an answer. ‘Always’ saunters into my life unannounced and takes the only place available. ‘Always’ can get me all tangled up.

‘Always’ makes it hard for me to stay quiet, let alone be quiet. ‘Always’ has this look on her face; obstinate, cross and will not leave until you pay kind of look. ‘Always’ eggs me on while I try not to eat that little bit more I’d rather not. ‘Always’ makes me apologise, often for who I am.

On the other hand, ‘always’  is about history and history can be a thing of the past.


~ by pongam on February 20, 2011.

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