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When we numb Disappointment, pain, shame etc we also numb joy, creativity, love…


Can do better.

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These were my teachers’ words in all my report cards in school. Can do better.

It is now that I wonder, what did they mean? Were they saying they were disappointed in me or were they saying I have untapped potential? Was it a compliment or not? Do, about a hundred ‘Can do better’s, add up to something?

Truth is, just when I have finally started thinking of myself as a writer, I have promptly produced what can only be called, well, a not so great play. Some brave and dear friends are working with it and putting it up for kids. But I have a sinking feeling that all the fairy lights in the world can’t save me from having to acknowledge that it is an uninspired piece of writing. Yes, I am thinking ‘Can do better’.


I’m tempted to wallow in self -pity, run , hide and all that.

But this time around, strangely enough, the other path is also clear. The path that’s telling me, all that’s left to do is to stand up and take a bow. Then go back to that place I am very familiar with, the place that’s called zero, sometimes sub-zero, and climb back out slowly. The path that’s urging me to focusing on one step at a time. The path that’s urging me to believe that all one can really do is try.

Sigh. Come watch if you’re anywhere close-by.

Playing from July 11 - 28


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Because I have no words.

April showers

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Turned round the bend one evening and found an old friend.

Look what she gave me.  How wonderfully strange to be thirty-three!



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Two friends of mine, Anushka and Iswar have begun an exciting project that combines travel, writing and film. It’s one of those things everyone has thought of doing at one time or the other, but…

Needless to say, their plans first inspired only envy. Then I realised all was not lost.  So, I have run back here in an attempt to still hang on to the things I want to keep doing – wonder, wander and find, albeit in a virtual space. (If anyone is still reading this space, please do visit their blog. It promises some robust vicarious living.)

And I am left pondering the word ‘always’.

‘Always’ has me at hello (yes, it’s a borrowed line).  ‘Always’ won’t take no for an answer. ‘Always’ saunters into my life unannounced and takes the only place available. ‘Always’ can get me all tangled up.

‘Always’ makes it hard for me to stay quiet, let alone be quiet. ‘Always’ has this look on her face; obstinate, cross and will not leave until you pay kind of look. ‘Always’ eggs me on while I try not to eat that little bit more I’d rather not. ‘Always’ makes me apologise, often for who I am.

On the other hand, ‘always’  is about history and history can be a thing of the past.

From opposite ends

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Was reading an article about the theme song Rahman has composed for the Commonwealth Games and found this. Musically alright I guess, but I love that somebody is writing a song and singing it; about Kalmadi and the games.

Then, I went and listened to CWG theme song. Here it is, in case you haven’t heard it. What a washout.

Hung over

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My heart sings at the sight… Sigh! Even verse escapes me.